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 Active Rehabilitation 

Supervised Exercise

Active rehabilitation services are offered by a Physiotherapist - Kinesiologist team. Our kinesiologist works closely with your treating physiotherapist to design and implement a tailored exercise program.

Yoga Stretches

Physiotherapy + Kinesiology = faster recovery from motor vehicle collision injury

Why Active Rehab?

  • Speed recovery from soft tissue injury

  • Improve functional abilities after injury

  • Reduce probability of development of chronicity

  • Reduce avoidance of movement behaviours

  • Promote psychological well-being

  • Restore control over function

The Health First Physiotherapy approach:

  • Blended exercise and manual therapy

  • Expert physiotherapy assessment and treatment planning

  • Specific and precise exercise prescription

  • Coordination with physicians and other health providers

  • Intensive programs


What does the research say?

Research supports an active (exercise based) approach to rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions. In the early stages (up to about three months post injury), most patients benefit from a blend of pain relieving measures such as gentle manual therapy (hands on techniques) or medical acupuncture, and a focussed, objective oriented exercise regime.

Appointments available at short notice.

Fitness Instructor

ICBC or car accident rehabilitation

Early Physiotherapy Intervention is important as most healing (90%) occurs in the first 6 to 8 weeks following an injury. We take an activity and exercise based approach. Our kinesiologist works in close coordination with your physiotherapist to devise and guide you through a customized exercise program to optimize your recovery process.

Gym Workout

Global fitness

Our kinesiologist takes care to ensure your recovery includes a blend of cardiovascular conditioning with general body mobility, and strengthening.