Andrew Hosking

Clinic Director Physiotherapist


Andrew has 32 years of experience as a clinical physiotherapist, and has prepared over 800 functional capacity evaluations and functional tests, coordinating and providing rehabilitation to clients. In his free time, Andrew enjoys running, biking, skiing, and spending time with his family.

Kasey Vader


Kasey was inspired to pursue kinesiology at the University of British Columbia after her own recovery from a sports related injury. Her main priority is to work together with patients of all ages and activity levels to help them reach their goals. In her spare time, Kasey enjoys backpacking the PNW, exploring the Okanagan’s best vineyards, and working on the hobby of the month.

Erin Lynn


Erin graduated from the University of British Columbia in Physiotherapy and has years of full-time physiotherapy experience. She uses a very “hands-on” approach to treat pain and tries to empower each client to learn the necessary self-management skills to prevent future recurrences of symptoms. Erin has successfully completed two marathons and enjoys treating running related injuries.

Rickey Singh


In 2014, Rickey began his career as a Kinesiologist. His love for patient-focused rehabilitation pushed him to further his education, and he graduated from Robert Gordon University, in Scotland, in 2019 as a Physiotherapist. He enjoys combining exercise-based rehabilitation programs with the use of manual therapy techniques. In his spare time, Rickey enjoys martial arts, and strength and conditioning weight training.