• Andrew Hosking

Come see us - virtually

While everyone is keeping their distance, we at Health First Physio have embraced a new way of providing physiotherapy services - through videoconferencing, otherwise known as "telehealth". You choose - your phone, computer, tablet, and an internet connection. 30 minute one-one sessions just for you. In the safety and security of your own home.

You probably think "what can you possibly do for me without seeing me in person?". Well the answer may surprise you. One to one video link connection allows for a close and personal connection with your therapist. Detailed discussion of your condition or pain, planning and goal setting for managing your own health are starting points. Much of what we do as physiotherapists requires us to use our eyes. Your computer camera doesn't lie, so we are able to visualize where you are getting stuck, have limited movement or weakness just as we would at an in person session. And learning new exercises? If you've ever done a yoga class or exercise routine from TV, this is much better. Why? Because it's your own personal highly trained professional that understands your individual body, condition and movement patterns.

When you're ready to try us out, give us a call or sign up online. And if you want to just have a test drive - give us a call for a 10 minute complimentary video call.

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