Active Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy + Kinesiology = faster recovery from motor vehicle collision injury

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What does the research say?

Research supports an active (exercise based) approach to rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions. In the early stages (up to about three months post injury), most patients benefit from a blend of pain relieving measures such as gentle manual therapy (hands on techniques) or medical acupuncture, and a focused, objective oriented exercise regime.​

Why Active Rehab?

  • Restoration of a sense of control over one’s body with an understanding and feeling of the limits of physical capacity. From this, avoidance of development of the familiar conundrum of avoidance of activity for fear of aggravation of symptoms (kinesiophobia);

  • Improvement in balance of musculature to facilitate the ability to move freely and with less pain;

  • Increased range of motion and flexibility enhances ability to move freely and with less pain.

  • Active rehabilitation allows injured individuals to have a measure of control over their condition. This contrasts with dependence on health practitioners to be ‘fixed’ with various therapeutic measures.

  • Physical conditioning and strengthening promotes a general sense of well-being, which in turn contributes to reduce the development of concurrent mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety.


The Health First Physiotherapy Approach 

  • Blended exercise and manual therapy

  • Expert physiotherapy assessment and treatment planning

  • Specific and precise exercise prescription

  • Coordination with physicians and other health providers

  • Intensive programs


Why choose Health First Physiotherapy?

Because we use a Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist team approach:

  • Functional screen with senior msk physiotherapist

  • Physiotherapy manual therapy blend with exercise therapy = optimum recovery

  • Functional based rehabilitation

  • Progression of exercises and rehabilitation based on restoration of functional capacity.

Affiliated Services

Health First Physiotherapy and Kinetix Medicine Centre are located in the same office, so we are able collaborate to ensure a well-rounded treatment plan.

The Kinetix team offers pain relieving injections and other pain management services, while Health First Physiotherapy offers physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and kinesiology. Together our businesses provide a comprehensive approach to post-injury care.